Swan Songs

by Waiting Room



Winter 2010 - NYE 2012
These are our swan songs.


released April 5, 2013

Lee Morrison - vocals
Christopher Phengrasmy - guitar
Nathan Phengrasmy - guitar
Daniel Hullick - bass
Jackson McCutcheon - drums

Guest vocals on 02/05/2012 by Max Buchanan
Artwork by Max Buchanan

Recorded and mixed by Chris Brownbill at Sun Distortion Studios.
Mastered by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Studios, Palo Alto.




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MONOLITH Melbourne, Australia

The heavy and eclectic.

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Track Name: "Last One There's A Penis Pump"
In the end the darkness swallows everything. Space vanishes,
time is no longer a memory. All is lost in the numb and silent depths. Alone on our tiny ball of mud we stand shouting at a deaf sky. Where will we be when the lights go out? There is no answer and so we busy ourselves with the task of ignoring our mortality. But Between our frantic labors there are chinks of silence, moments when we hear the small and frightened voice that whispers in the long night.
Track Name: With Great Power...
You left your baby boy to wander this world alone with no idea of his past or a future to look too. Well how many times do you think he was left to wonder his purpose?
You've made your bed, now burn in it
I wish you nothing but a life of misery
I hope you spend your nights tossing and turning over it
You've made your bed, now burn in it
Track Name: 02/05/2012 (Our Joined Hands)
I've channeled every handful of senselessness into a bottomless pit & I'm still watching it overflow. Every shipwreck, each and every ache. I'm still watching it overflow. It borders a frame with snapped supports, the ageing rust spills out. My hollow ghost alive in the breeze, dust as I breathe. I'm told this is just a wave that needs riding out. The humming of this machine is fading now. A round of applause for the optimists in us; let the bellowing of our joined hands lead them home. Lead them home, lead them home, keep me whole, lead me home.